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Over the past 30years we have supplied most of the major players in the Native food industry with wattle seed, either raw whole, raw milled (flour), roasted whole and roasted and ground. Wattle Seed is wild harvested.

Botanical name: Acacia victoriae
Common names: Elegant wattle, Prickly wattle, Gundabluey, Bramble wattle, Elegant acacia.

Traditional Aboriginals used A. victoriae in arid regions of Australia as a food source. Occurring in all main land states.

Women would collect seed pods from the trees when ripe, separate seed ‘yandy’ clean in a wirra. Parch by  fire, pound and ground into a flour. Mix water with flour to make a dough.Place in fire coals/ash to get a Johnny cake. Green pods fully formed were also lightly roasted and seed eaten.

In Plentiful times seed could be stored away, it has a very hard seed coat. From the legumaceae family it has a pea flavor. Having a high protein level approx 17%, carbohydrate 41%, fiber 29%,fat 3 % (Brand & Cherikoff 1985) and a low GI average 1480+270 KJ /100gms (Brand & Maggire  1992).


Wattle Seed: Acacia victoriae
*1: Whole Raw Seed for reveg !$120 pkg plus gst.  /2: Roasted & Ground$100pkg /3: Kibbled$100  pkg /4: Milled /5: Whole Roasted $100pkg ;  /6: Retail Packet (POA: Price on Application) *****)*********

Most of today’s  uses are based around  making a roasted hazel nut flavor from the seed. By roasting the raw wattle seed until it pops, similar to pop corn. This new unique flavor has many uses, coffee-like beverages (caffeine free), essences, beer, baking, confectionery, dairy, sweets, confectionry and marinades.

Over the past few years even the pod/husk of A. victoriae have been researched for its medical properties,  in the fight against cancer.

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